Our products vary daily depending on the availability of ingredients and the time of year
Not all baked goods are available everyday

Pies  – 9”, 6” or by the slice

(vegan, non-vegan or gluten-free by special order only)

Apple, apricot blueberry, banana cream, Dutch apple, blueberry, blueberry balsamic plum, boysenberry, cherry, chocolate black cherry, cranberry apple, Key lime, mixed berry, oh merlot, peach, pecan, pumpkin, que sera syrah, strawberry rhubarb, vanilla infused pear

Cakes – 8”, 6” or by the slice & cupcakes

Carrot cake, chocolate, vanilla, mocha, chai and many assorted other flavors

(vegan carrot cake is available daily, other flavors by special order.  Assorted cupcakes are available every day.)

Breads & Rolls

Sourdoughs, rustic white, jalapeño cheese, ryes, challah, pesto rolls, cinnamon rolls and more


Blueberry almond sugar cookies, chocolate chip pecan, Great-Grandma T’s old-fashioned molasses, lemon pistachio sugar cookies, lime pepita sugar cookies, oatmeal chocolate chunk, rock climber’s reward, snickerdoodle, turtle brownies, vegan brownies and more


Boo’s berry buckle
Scones ~ savory and sweet
Cinnamon rolls
Breakfast hand pies

Lunch  (to go and changes daily)

Savory hand pies
Pot pies

Please allow 72 plus hours for special orders.
For special occasions we will need a minimum three-week notice and a 50% deposit. We do not take orders via email or messenger.  Please call the bakery at (760) 974-9777.